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Rippin' With Tunes

Me and my hobbie's

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Well, like the home page said:Here's me and my hobbies.

First: I like sk8boarding,snowboarding and biking.

4'th of all............Me!!! I am 9 now in: May 19 2008. My birthday is Dec. 24 1998.
My hobbies: Sk8boarding,snowboarding,biking,motor biking.
My taste of music: Rap,Rock'n'roll (Without rolling).
My dad also thinks I'm a comedian and a natural born lawyer (I can argue my way
till the point of death) and I'm pretty funny.

Second: I like music, Rap, Rock'n'Roll,Rock.Im not so much a Jazzy guy but, when i'm in a mood like: I just wanna' hang out kinda' thing,then I might. So that's my taste of music.

3'rd of all: I have two brother's I think they're like....20-30 something like that :) and 2 sister's one's Terra and one's Coral. Terra is 1 year old coral is 3, so close to 4 so yea... and then there's dad (of course) and mom (obvious) and then me :).

Well I'm pretty much done so I might tell you about the things Iv'e learned to do and not to do.
What to do:You always want to impress them right? so pick a nice backround. Red:Attracting     Black:Medium        Blue:Not so much
                Green: Not so much-Medium           
And so if you want to copy my backround,fine with me.